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Two children become orphans every 30 seconds…….
Over 100 million children live in this world as orphans without a family and/or without a home. Most have little or no “life essentials”, to some it is a luxury to have one meal a day or have access to basic education to read and write or have access to medical facilities to prevent terminal illness. Some children at a very young age are burdened to take care of younger siblings. Imagine a six year old taking responsibility for a two year old sibling. Read more....

Samuel Charity Foundation was founded with the sole purpose of building orphanages in areas around the world where children are hurting and need support. Most orphanages that are supported by Samuel Charity Foundation are based on concepts of “Group Homes” – these are homes that would house up to 10 children per Group Home which give the children a feeling of growing up in a home as opposed to an institution type setting. Learn more….

The Founders, the management, the staff and the partners of the Samuel Charity Foundation have a strong passion and a burning desire to support orphaned children. They have traveled extensively to various countries and have developed a good understanding and appreciation for the needs, particularly in poorer countries. The Samuel Charity Foundation is a professional organization and the entire management and the operational team have a good track record in building and managing successful profitable businesses in various industries, in the US and abroad. Learn more…..

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