Easy Setup

Event planners simply define the locations for each hunt and display the unique QR code generated for each location. Planners can also view a list of users that have checked in at each location.

Fun to Use

Participants check in at each location by scanning the QR code placed there. They can view their visited locations as well as a progress indicator denoting percentage completion. Winners are chosen randomly among the list of eligible participants.

Generate Revenue

Generate revenue from exhibitors and sponsors by selling locations in an individual scavenger hunt location or by offering sponsorship of an entire hunt, as one event can have multiple concurrent scavenger hunts.


Easy Setup

Event planners define questions, options, correct answers, and point values . Planners also define when the question will be published and for how long. Reports show how many attendees participated.

Increase Participation

Attendees are notified when a new question is posted and select the best answer. Leader board shows all participants who have answered the most questions correctly.

Engage Attendees

Engage attendees with a competitive side and increase their use of the event app. Notify attendees of new questions, or use a push notification to announce the winner.