Ideal for associations and companies that host multiple events a year, the Bravura Event Enabler product enables event planners to quickly, easily, and cost effectively launch mobile apps for more than one event.

This solution is particularly effective when combined with CONNECT365.


No need to rely on a vendor to launch! Using an online self-service portal, event planners can independently configure event mobile apps. Event apps can be standalone or within a host app that contains multiple events. Once an event is setup, organizers can preview the event in a “test” app that available in the app stores.

Fully Integrated

Each event app can be integrated with other Bravura products on a per event basis or across all event apps. This includes important event functionality such a Registration, Lead Retrieval, and Audience Response solutions, as well as Gamification opportunities such as Scavenger Hunt and Trivia.

More Marketing

Event planners can use the host app as a new channel for marketing products, services, and new events to users 24/7/365. The online self-service portal makes it easy to publish content such as news, updates, and event materials, without needing any assistance from a vendor.