Bravura Technologies provides survey solutions that can be used independently or in conjunction with an event mobile app.

Highly Usable

Deploy one or multiple surveys at your event. Uses include session and speaker evaluations, elections, competitions, and product testing.

Flexible Design

Design a survey that fits your needs using multiple choice, quiz, yes/no, free response, and other question types.

Robust Reporting

Results are immediate and can be published instantly or at scheduled times. Organizers benefit from detailed reporting and metrics to “slice and dice” audience response.


For Planners

Use polls to get instant feedback from attendees on a session, award nominations, or the meeting overall. The polls are available on mobile devices – no need for any special hardware! Generate revenue by offering polling packages to exhibitors and sponsors.

For Presenters

Speakers setup and customize unique questions and answers for their presentations. Audience members can respond real-time via the app, and the poll responses can be integrated real-time into PowerPoint presentations.

Easy Setup and Reports

Event organizers setup the polls using a simple online application. Results for any poll can be viewed real-time and or published at a predetermined date and time.